Mini doors repaired and reskinned by the Mini Door Company

What we do and how we do it

When the doors arrive, they are in various states of repair - see below. Firstly the old door skin is removed, and the bottom of the door is cut away.

damaged mini doors

A galvanized repair section is welded in place. The inside of the door and flanges are painted with zinc rich primer. The new skin is then bonded on using high strength P.U.R. adhesive / sealer and the top edges brass welded. Bare metal is painted with anti-corrosive etch primer and the inside sprayed with wax oil to prevent rust.

Apart from our Streetfighter Doors - aluminium skinned lightweight Mini doors for racing, we use skins made from zinc plated steel that is 10% thicker than the original and all our repair sections are made from even thicker galvanized steel.

mini doors repaired, reskinned, primed and packaged

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