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Lightweight Mini Doors

Our 'Streetfighter' lightweight doors are primarily intended for competition use and dramatically reduce weight by eliminating the drop glass, winder mechanisim and much of the inner door frame. The doors are then reskinned in aluminium and converted to sliding polycarbonate glazing a la MkI.

Streetfighter - lightweight mini doors

Weight of a MkIII door can be as little as 5.5 kg compared to around 19kg for a normal door. Weight saving on MkI and II doors is not as dramatic, but the aluminium skin saves 3kg and removal of the door pockets and fitting polycarbonate glazing produces further weight savings.

Streetfighter Door with retro style Polycarbonate glazing kit fittedPolycarbonate glazing kit

The above image on the left shows a Streetfighter Door with retro style Polycarbonate glazing kit fitted. The Polycarbonate still has the protective coating on.The image on the right is a Polycarbonate glazing kit comprising of 2 pieces of Polycarbonate, upper and lower track, 2 window catches and 1 chrome retainer. Click on images to enlarge.

Streetfighter Doors - £580 per pair outright
or £500 per pair to have your own doors converted or exchange your old doors *When donor doors are available

Glazing Kits for Streetfighters
*Please note I only sell Glazing Kits to people who are buying Streetfighter doors or having their doors converted. If you just want glazing please try Plastics4Performance

Glazing kits do not contain parts for converting doors, these kits only fit on doors converted to Streetfighter style by the Mini Door Company.

2 piece sliding with all catches and seals - £95 per door

Single pieces of Polycarbonate - (for racing) £50 per side

Polycarbonate window kits - (3 Piece) 2 side windows plus rear screen £115

I also sell Streetfighters complete with all glazing (when donor doors are available). Please contact me for prices or check here for doors available now


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