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QCan I fit MK1 doors with sliding windows to my MK3, MK4 or MK5 car?

ANo, it's impossible. You can convert your MK3, MK4 or MK5 doors to Streetfighter doors with Steel or Aluminium skins.

QCan I convert my MK1 doors or Van/Pickup doors to wind up windows?

ANo, the only option is to find Australian spec doors which had wind up windows as standard.

QWill Mini Saloon doors fit my Mini Clubman?

AYes, the doors are exactly the same.

QWill Inoccenti doors fit my UK spec car?

AYes, no problem (if you can find them!).

QWhere can I get a 1-piece Van back door?

AA company called Smith & Deakin, in Worcester -

QDoes the Mini Door Co supply painted doors?

ANo, we have no facilities for painting

QIf I bring my car to you, can I leave it with you while you repair the doors, paint them and fit them?

ANo, we have no facilities to do this.

QAre my doors fit for exchange?

ACheck here to see if your doors are fit for exchange Call 07787 376 977 for advice if you are unsure. Doors are often fit for exchange when you don't think they are.



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