About The Mini Door Company

The Mini Door Company provides reconditioned Mini doors at a reasonable price. Our re-manufactured doors can outlast original Heritage doors at less than half the price.

We repair the following Mini doors - Mk3, MK4, and Mk3 Elf (Internal Hinges), Mk1, Mk2, Minivan, Traveller, Hornet, Elf (External Hinges), and Miniminus.

The Mini Door Company is based in Great Eccleston, near Preston, Lancashire. Buyers are always welcome to drop off / collect doors from the workshop to save postage costs. Please see below for directions to the workshop. Or alternatively you can arrange to drop off /collect doors at one of the Mini shows we attend.

What we do and how we do it

Firstly the old door skin is removed, and the bottom of the door is cut away. A galvanized repair section is welded in place. The inside of the door and flanges are painted with zinc rich primer. The new skin is then bonded on using high strength P.U.R. adhesive / sealer and the top edges brass welded. Bare metal is painted with anti-corrosive etch primer and the inside sprayed with wax oil to prevent rust. We no longer prime the outside of the doors as the skins are zinc plated.

Apart from our Streetfighter Doors - aluminium skinned lightweight Mini doors for racing, we use skins made from zinc plated steel that is 10% thicker than the original and all our repair sections are made from even thicker galvanized steel.

If you have any questions please read our frequently asked questions , the answer may be there, or contact Mick for more information.

Mini doors repaired by the Mini Door Company

The Mini Door Company price list

Mk3 Doors (internal hinges and wind up windows)

All Saloon models 1960 - 1997 and Clubman Estates

Repair and Reskin Service (your own doors) or Exchange Service - exchanging your doors for ones that have already been repaired - £260 per door. When available, to buy outright £300

NB: Riley Elf and Wolseley Hornet may cost a little more depending on the condition

Mk5 Doors (internal hinges and wind up windows)

1997 - 2000

MK5 doors are exactly the same as MK3 doors except that they have an internal side impact protection bar. All MK3 and MK5 doors are interchangable

Repair and Reskin Service (your own doors) or Exchange Service - exchanging your doors for ones that have already been repaired - £260 per door. When available, to buy outright £300

Mk1 Doors (external hinges and sliding windows)

All Saloon models 1959 - 1969, all Vans, Pick-ups and Travellers

Repair and Reskin Service (your own doors) - Doors must be appraised and quoted for

Often MK1 doors can require additional work and may cost more than the price shown, price will always be agreed before work commences.

Exchange Service not available

Please note MK1 doors can not be appraised by looking at photos, we need to see the actual doors.

Streetfighter Doors

Ultra lightweight doors primarily for motor sport

To convert your own doors or exchange your doors - £600 per pair

Outright Sale - £680 per pair - contact us for availability

Polycarbonate Glazing

2 piece sliding with all catches and seals - £140 per door

Single pieces of Polycarbonate - (for racing) £60 per side

Polycarbonate window kits - (3 Piece) 2 side windows plus rear screen £190

*Please note I only sell Glazing Kits to people who are buying Streetfighter doors or having their doors converted. If you just want glazing please try Plastics4Performance


1 or 2 doors to any mainland UK address - £47 - Customers are welcome to come to the workshop to pick up or drop off doors for free. Customers are also welcome to organise their own carriage if they can find it cheaper. *Please note carriage prices can vary but we will always try to find the best deal on the day.

Offshore, UK Islands and Northern Ireland - prices vary - contact us for details

Please call for advice on how to send your door to me 07787 376 977

Streetfighter Doors

Lightweight Mini Doors

Our 'Streetfighter' lightweight doors are primarily intended for competition use and dramatically reduce weight by eliminating the drop glass, winder mechanisim and much of the inner door frame. The doors are then reskinned in aluminium and converted to sliding polycarbonate glazing a la Mk1.

Streetfighter doors. Lightweight Mini Doors

Weight of a Mk3 door can be as little as 5.5 kg compared to around 19kg for a normal door. Weight saving on Mk1 and Mk2 doors is not as dramatic, but the aluminium skin saves 3kg and removal of the door pockets and fitting polycarbonate glazing produces further weight savings.

Streetfighter lightweight Mini Doors

£680 per pair outright or £600 per pair to have your own doors converted or exchange your old doors (When donor doors are available).


QCan I fit MK1 doors with sliding windows to my MK3, MK4 or MK5 car?

ANo, it's impossible. You can convert your MK3, MK4 or MK5 doors to Streetfighter doors with Steel or Aluminium skins.

QCan I convert my MK1 doors or Van/Pickup doors to wind up windows?

ANo, the only option is to find Australian spec doors which had wind up windows as standard.

QWill Mini Saloon doors fit my Mini Clubman?

AYes, the doors are exactly the same.

QWill Inoccenti doors fit my UK spec car?

AYes, no problem (if you can find them!).

QWhere can I get a 1-piece Van back door?

ATry Mini Spares - http://www.minispares.com/

QDoes the Mini Door Co supply painted doors?

ANo, we have no facilities for painting

QIf I bring my car to you, can I leave it with you while you repair the doors, paint them and fit them?

ANo, we have no facilities to do this.

QAre my doors fit for exchange?

A Obviously when we take a door in exchange, we expect to be able to repair it and then sell it.

Mk1 and Mk2 doors (external hinges) - There is no problem, we can repair them no matter what state they are in. Please note there is no exchange on Mk1 and Mk2 doors.

Mk3 and Mk4 doors - Generally speaking we can repair most doors, age is not a factor, there were good years and bad years and some of the worst doors are the latest type with side impact protection. The state of the outer skin is not important as this will be replaced, nor are cracks in the upper window frame, these can be rewelded.

The main thing to look for is the inside edge of the bottom of the door where it touches the rubber seal on the door frame, ideally this should be sound with no rust or holes. (See diagram below).

Diagram showing if doors are fit for exchange

If you are unsure if your doors are fit for exchange, call Mick on 07787 376 977


Dropped my MK3 mini doors off with Mick to refurb. You get the impression just from looking at his workshop they are in the right hands. A genuine bloke with genuine work. Couldn’t be happier. Two doors were done in a week which I find very reasonable. Cheers mick! M Stephenson
Mick is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, his work is second to none and he kept me informed throughout the door rebuild. He made sure any issues he found were discussed before continuing, as the rebuild progressed, and then talked me through everything when the time came for me to collect them (he offers a postage option too). I would recommend this company and wouldn't hesitate to use them again. M Smith
What a great guy who knows his stuff, and very helpful with advice, highly recommended. R Molyneux
If your ever in doubt about using the mini door company then don't be! Been using these doors from Mick for 20years, better then new ones and never rust again. Beware of the competitors, they simply arent as close in quality as these. M Tinker
The whole process is just so easy, within a week I had both replacement doors, really great condition, and my doors were returned for the next customer to have (after Mick has worked his magic). Packing, Courier etc was very straightforward - I used the same box to return my old doors, and it wasn't expensive. If you are considering replacement doors for your Mini, give Mick a call - first rate service, great to see he is still going after so long. He's in Preston, I am on the South Coast, no problems! J Waldford
Great service and quick turn around. Doors required minimal filler then paint and fit to the car C Michie
Fantastic service, amazing know-how on Minis of all types and models . Mick really knows his Minis. His doors are legendary. Any Mini enthusiast who knows what's what knows Mick. Highly recommended. J Timmins
Great guy and even better service J Scotty
Morning Mick, just unpacked my pair of Mini Doors, after thorough inspection have to say from one sheet metal worker to another, nice piece of work, and I don't say that often Jim from Hornchurch
A step forward with the MiniDoorCo doors - we think they are better than some of the Heritage parts we've used before Croaker Coach Tours Repaired Mini Doors
59 door restored by Minidoor company. Perfect lines! G Dunster Restored Mini Door
Hi Mick, Steve here, the guy you rebuilt the doors for (Mini Clubman). Just to say it was exceptional work you carrired out on the doors. I have been giving your details out to all and sundry in the Mini community. Steve

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